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Biolectra IMMUN Zinc + Selenium + Vitamin D3 Direct

Biolectra IMMUN zinc + selenium + vitamin D3; sugar-free dietary supplement; the taste of orange; in the form of microgranula.

The body is exposed daily to the influence of various external factors and stress which, if they work long enough, can affect the reduction of immunity.

Biolectra IMMUN contains zinc, selenium and vitamin D3 that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

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Once a day swallow the contents of the bag. Open the bag in the direction of the indicated arrow. Microgranules pour directly into the tongue and leave to slowly melt.

Composition in 1 bag (= daily dose); % PU
Histidine 50 mg
Zinc 10 mg; 100%
Selenium 50 μg; 91%
Vitamin D3 20 μg; 400%
PU = recommended daily intake = no recommended daily intake.

Ingredients: Sweetener: sorbitol, L-histidine, magnesium citrate, sweetener: mannitol, acidity regulators: citric acid, calcium carbonate, aroma, zinc oxide, cholecalciferol, vegetable oils (palm and coconut), thickener: sodium carboxysethilcelulose, emulsifier: magnesium salt of dietary fatty acids, sweetener: aspartame sodium selenium

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