Rich herbal balm for intense and fast skin regeneration

We have selected 10 natural ingredients that synergistically promote wound and scratch healing, relieve irritation, redness, burns, soothe after an insect sting, act mildly antiseptic (antibacterial) and anti-inflammatory.

Rich herbal balm intensively
regenerates the skin. The rich combination of as many as 10 natural ingredients (gavez, sage, propolis, plankin, calendula, hamamelis, rosemary, lavender, cloves, wheat) has a beneficial effect in all situations when the skin needs intensive and rapid regeneration. Cold-panned oils, ecological plant extracts and premium essential oils synergistically help with skin problems for the whole family.

Application method: Apply in a thin layer to the area where skin regeneration is required. It is recommended to use it multiple times throughout the day.

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