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Alpa Francovka Herbal Tonic 160ml

Alpa francovka tonic is an alcoholic herbal dissolver; mixtures of essential oils and fragrant substances from 14 plants.

An important ingredient is natural menthol, which has a chilling effect and promotes blood circulation of the skin.

This herbal tonic has been used in the Czech Republic for over a hundred years. Due to its effectiveness and multiple benefits it deserves the name "miracle of nature" and is found in almost every home pharmacy.

Method of application: if necessary, rubbing and light massage.

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  • to relieve pain and discomfort with rheumatism arthritis and muscular rheumatism, rub into the skin in the affected areas
  • haematomas, dislocations and contusions, rubbed into the skin in the affected areas
  • muscle inflammation, neck stiffness, cramps, back pain, rubbing into the skin in the affected areas
  • in case of pain in the crosses, hips and knees /gauze with Francovka put in a painful place, cover with nylon and wrap with a towel
  • reflex massage in case of rheumatic muscle pain, after fatigue after physical exertion and exhaustion from sports activities
  • to help against decubitis for patients who have been bedbound for a long time
  • Colds and flu - put a few drops of ALPE francovka in lukewarm water and rinse the throat or 1-3 times a day rub on the back of the head, neck and blinds -in case of headache -1-3 times a day rub on the back of the head, neck and blinds, in case of great pain use the round
  • for inhalation - inhale oils of the Alpine francovka, relieve cough, flu, cataract, colds, helps with respiratory problems when exposing smoke in smoky rooms
  • disinfection of small scratches and wounds, for hygienic hand sanitizer on all occasions
  • for mouthwash - diluted with lukewarm water is very effective for all kinds of infections, gingivitis, breath from the mouth, paradontitis, wobbly teeth
  • is the right choice for those suffering from toothache or stomach disorders
  • for refreshing baths, as an aftershave - as a tonic for removing makeup, powder powder, creams and for thorough cleansing of the skin
  • for toothache – pour a few drops on the cotton wool and put on a sore tooth

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