Novalac 3 Junior for children from 1st to 3rd year of age 400g

Novalac 3 Junior is suitable for children from the age of 1 to 3 as a transitional food after using Novalac 2 or any other transitional dairy food. Novalac 3 Junior adequately complements the varied diet of the child that he needs at that age for healthy development and growth.

Novalac 3 Junior is part of a large group of products specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of children.

Why transitional dairy food Novalac 3 Junior and not usually cow's milk?

Transitional dairy food Novalac 3 Junior is a better choice than regular cow's milk since it supplements the diet of the child with its ingredients and thus daily needs for nutrients, already in the daily amount of dairy food entered.

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J.M. 1 kg = 22,73 €

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Novalac 3 Junior ensures:

  • adequate amount of vitamins and minerals:
    • Calcium
    • vitamin D for sufficient calcium absorption and bone development and child growth
    • 25-times more iron than it contains usually partially skimmed cow's milk
  • optimal protein content
  • optimal content of essential fatty acids for appropriate brain and eye background development (7 times higher amount than in regular cow's milk)
  • a balanced ratio of fast-digestible and slow-digestible carbohydrates for good digestion
  • vanilla flavour without added sugar or sucrose

The composition of Novalac dairy feed complies with European guidelines on baby dairy foods.

Packaging:can, 400 g

Usual dosing of dairy foods Novalac 3

Your child should drink at least 500 ml of warm (< 37 °C) or cold dairy food Novalac 3every day, or use it to prepare grain porridges and other meals as part of a balanced diet.

One can is enough to prepare 12 meals.
Preparation in a bottle: For every 30 ml of water add one scoop of Novalaca 3.
Preparation in a cup: add 7 scoouds of Novalac 3 in 210 ml of water .

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