Laselle weight for Kegel exercises, 28g

Your companion through each stage of maturity, Laselle thees are the ideal solution to effectively strengthen the pelvic floor in a simple and comfortable way. Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for a healthy intimate life, providing a range of benefits that can protect your overall well-being.

Laselle weights are made of the highest quality materials safe for the body and for safe and hygienic training. The globular shape of the weights naturally positions itself while providing you with a solid foundation to strengthen your muscles. Advanced weight design encourages the correct upwards and squeezing technique to ensure the best results. In addition, each weight has an inner ball that offers resistance to effectively strengthen your muscles.

Laselle weights allow you to start with the weight that best suits your current power level:

• Light (28g/1oz) is ideal for women who have a weaker pelvic floor or for beginners.
• Moderate (38 g / 1.3oz) is perfect for women who exercise but without weights.
• Advanced (48g/1.7oz) is best for women with experience in weight training for the most advanced workout.

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Performing Kegel exercises significantly affects the improvement of pelvic floor muscle tone, and reduces the possibility of incontinence. Kegel exercises also help prepare for childbirth and faster recovery after natural childbirth.

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