Suban Diet tea, 80g

Suban DIET TEA is intended to reduce body weight and to periodically purify the body regardless of body weight.

DIET TEA is composed of a combination of medicinal herbs that lead to gradual weight loss through their joint action.

Tea should be drunk several times during the day, before and between meals and before bedtime.

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Flax (Semen lini) contains mucus and ballast substances that act laxatively, regulate and facilitate bowel movements.
The Equiseti herba and rabbit thorn (Ononidis radix) act diuretic, stimulate the excretion of the device through urine and thus lead to cleansing of the organism.
Elderberry (Sambuci flos) corrects the taste of tea and stimulates bowel movements.
Fennel (Foeniculi fructus) and lemon balm (Melissae folium) contain essential oils that prevent and eliminate bloating and have a relaxing effect on the whole organism.

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