Herbafast Fiber to help with weight loss 10 bags

Herbafast Fiber contains the largest amount of plant fiber. Fiber binds water and takes up space in the stomach, so the need for food is less.

On the way through the body, Herbafast Fiber helps not to bind fat and prevents the formation of fatty deposits.

A complex of vitamins and minerals combined with fiber strengthens immunity and helps us stay healthy while we lose weight. Toxins and harmful substances are expelled rapidly from the body.

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Herbafast fiber is a completely natural and safe product.


Women and during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding may have a problem with overweight. Excessive weight gain causes many diseases, increased pressure (hypertension), elevated sugar (Hyperglycemia- diabetes) that complicate pregnancy and childbirth, endanger both mother and baby.
If a pregnant woman or nursing mother has an overweight problem, she should consult a doctor and get for herself an ideal diet (dietary regimen) and information on how to introduce and use Herbafast Fiber.


People with diabetes who are undergoing insulin therapy can use Herbafast FIBER while adjusting insulin doses. Vegetable fiber leads to balancing the diet and regulating blood sugar levels, so there may be a need for a lower dose of insulin.
People with Diabetes - type II (do not take insulin), the use of Herbafast Fiber is advised, because it reduces sugar resorption, regulates blood sugar levels, leads to weight correction.


Children up to 12 years of age, if they have an overweight problem, can use Herbafast Fiber in consultation with a doctor.


If you are taking any treatment, take medicines one hour before or two hours after Herbafast fiber.

Usage mode: In 2dl of water mix well the selected taste of Herbafast Fiber. I take Herbafast Fiber twice a day. I take my first dose an hour or two before lunch (about 11h) and the second dose an hour or two before dinner (about 4pm).

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