Esi Diurerbe Forte to improve fluid excretion

Diurerbe forte tablets are a dietary supplement to improve fluid secretion. They contain a combination of medicinal plant extracts traditionally used to stimulate fluid excretion. They are suitable for use in reduction diets, anti-zero treatments and weight loss treatments.

Promotes the excretion of uric acid and chloride while increasing the volume of urine (birch extract, runic extract). It has a beneficial effect in urinary infections, reduces the islands on the legs (orthosiphon extract). Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and regulates capillary permeability (gold extract). Promotes fluid secretion, stimulates liver function (pyrika extract). It compensates for minerals that are lost when the fluid is excreted from the body (horseclag extract, potassium, magnesium).

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Application method: Take 2 tablets a day with a larger amount of water.

Quantity: 40 tablets, blister

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