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Urovin solution contributes to normal bladder function

Vitalia Urovin solution contains bear disease (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) which contributes to the normal function of the bladder.

An innovative product in the form of syrup does not cause unwanted problems in the digestive system due to a reduced proportion of tannins (trieles) by 30-50%. It is easier to use than tea since the application is instantaneous, and the very unpleasant taste of the bear is corrected with the addition of mint.

This dietary supplement works best in combination with Vitalia D-mannose bags in normalizing urinary function.

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Instructions for use: It is recommended to drink two teaspoons of the solution twice a day after a meal.

Dosing shape:
Vial, 150 ml.

Ingredients in the recommended daily dose (20 ml, 4 teaspoons): Bearbear concentrate is 1.60 to 2.40 g of bear leaves and contains 160 mg of arbutin. The proportion of mint is 10 times less than that of a bear and varies according to its content (up to 0.24 g).

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