D-mannose powder 50g Mondopharm

Natural help with bladder infections. When the E. coli bacteria sticks to and spreads to the walls of the urinary tract, it causes problems such as frequent urination, pressure and burning when urinating and the like.

The action of D-manosis is very simple – when it uses E. coli bacteria, instead of on the wall, they stick to this simple sugar molecule and are then expelled from the body by urination. D-mannose doesn't kill bad, but neither does good bacteria.

The recommended dose of D-manosis is one teaspoon (3g) every 2-3 hours with 150 ml of water or juice, and once a night, until the symptoms disappear. After that, the dose can be gradually reduced, initially for every 4-5 hours, and then even smaller. Therapy usually lasts 3 days.

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D-mannose, a simple sugar molecule, which is naturally found in plants such as cranberry, blueberry, peach, apple and orange, has an effect up to 50 times more potent than cranberry.

If the patient does not feel an improvement within 72 hours, it is necessary to talk to a doctor. People who often suffer from uroinfection can also take D-Manosa for preventive purposes, namely one teaspoon twice a day. Side effects as a result of taking D-Manoza have not been reported so far. Pregnant women and children are free to take it, with appropriate dosing. Diabetics can also consume this product, with increased control of blood sugar levels.

It is very important to note that citrus juices or cranberry juice should not be drunk during taking D-manosis.

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