femidoc ONCE D-mannose bags 2g

Femidoc is a medical product with D-manosis that helps treat bladder infection caused by E. coli and is used to protect against re-infection of the urine system.

• One bag contains 2 g of D-manosis, a clinically tested ingredient, to which bacteria cannot develop resistance
• femidoc is water soluous and has a pleasant taste (cranberries)
• femidoc contains stevia
• Works within 30 minutes after taking
• It is particularly mild for the natural flora of the intestines, bladder and vagina

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Advantages: Bacteria cannot achieve resistance, a Class IIa medical product. There are no side effects. It can be used in combination with other medicines (e.g. antibiotics).

Adult dosing:
Treatment assistance: 2 x daily • Prevention of re-inflammation: 1 x per day.

Active ingredient D-mannose mechanism of action:
D-mannose is a simple sugar structurally similar to glucose; it is found in some types of fruits, and is also produced in the body. Femidoc Once D-Mannose binds to E. coli bacteria, which is why they bind to each other rather than the walls of the urinary tract. Neutralized bacteria can then be easily removed from the body by urinating and can no longer cause infection. It is excreted unchanged with urine in 30 minutes after ingestion, and prevents E. coli bacteria from binding to the walls of the bladder. D-mannose, even in larger quantities, does not cause any harmful side effects, and cannot be metabolized like other sugars, which means that this product is safe for diabetics and others who for any reason should not or do not want to consume sugar.

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