Dr. Theiss Micro Vein Balm 100ml

Dr. Theiss micro-vein balm for aesthetic leg care, reduces the visibility of varicose capillaries, for beautiful legs.

Dr. Theiss Micro-vein Balm contains precious ingredients: extracts of horse chestnut, vine leaf and mountain pine iglids that act as an anti-inflammatory, improve circulation and reduce the feeling of weight in the legs.

Collagen has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of connective tissue, beta-carotene pigment covers skin irregularities on the legs leaving a slight shimmering mark on the skin. The addition of panthenol pleasantly refreshes, and vitamin E, allantoin and jojoba oil refresh and nourish the skin.

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Studies have shown that the redness of extended capillaries was mitigated by 53%, when administered twice a day for a period of four weeks.

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