Encian Veneforte Gel, 250ml

Varicose and painful veins on the legs, and the feeling of "heavy legs" are a problem in many women every day, and these problems intensify with increased work activity.

By regularly using Veneforte gel, it is possible to ease these problems and provide assistance to circulation in the legs.

Veneforte gel is recommended for:

- tension and feelings of weight in the legs
- sore, tired and heavy legs
- leg cramps
- varicose veins and cracked capillaries, and weakened venous circulation in general.

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Medicinal substances from wild chestnut extract and grape seeds effectively contribute to strengthening the walls of veins, and reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries. Regular massage of 2-3x per day veneforte gel reduces the presence of inflammation of the veins, runoff, cramps and feelings of weight in the legs. Better blood circulation is encouraged, the risk of clots is reduced, and vein tone increases.

Namely, escin from horse chestnut has proven to stimulate venous circulation and tone the walls of veins. Substances such as escin strengthen the tone of their walls, which is very important, because widespread and inelastic veins can become varicose, but also lead to many other complications ( thrombosis, hemorrhoids – enlargement of the veins of the area ). The effect of escin has been found to reduce the onset of edema, and also has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect by increasing strength and reducing capillary permeability.

It should be noted that horse chestnut extract also contains flavonoids that prevent platelet gluing and therefore act protectively on the appearance of thrombosis.

Grape seeds contain tannins that have closing properties, flavonoids and things that protect capillaries and act hemostaticly (stop bleeding).

It is best to use it in the morning and evening, so massage a thin layer of Veneforte gel into the painful area of the legs, with the recommendation to wash the previously painful part, so that the gel is absorbed more quickly on that part of the skin.

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