Suban Gavez Root, 80g

Promotes granulation and formation of callus. Allantoin is the main active substance of gaveza. It is an organic substance with a strong keratoly and astringent effect.

Allantoin stimulates the process of exchange of matter in the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates cellular growth resulting in epithelialization and protective effect on the skin.

Allantoin also strongly promotes the growth of cells in the bones (fracture of the bone), connective tissue cells (tendons, ligaments - sports injuries).

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Basic active substances: Contains allantoin, tannins, mucus and pyrolysidinal alkaloids. Action and use: Promotes granulation and formation of callus, acts anti-inflammatory (antiflogistic). It helps with dislocation, sprain, closed fractures and bruising of blood. It is applied EXCLUSIVELY as a compress.

Restrictions on use:
It should not be used orally. Do not use in open, large wounds. It is not recommended to use it longer than 6 weeks per year, nor during pregnancy.

Pour 2 teaspoons of gaveza root with 2 dl of cold water, boil briefly, let it sit covered for 30 minutes, stir and strain occasionally. Use as a compress 3 times a day.

Size: 80 g

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