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Suban Artichoka soft drops 50ml

Artichoke leaf extract in plant glycerin. Liver cleansing, liver, cholesterol, bloating, digestion.

Ingredients: Glycerin, purified water, artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus). At the recommended daily dose (75 drops): artichoke leaf extract 10%.

Method of application: 3 times a day drink 25 drops (1 ml) with a little water before meals.

The drops were produced in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Biochemy, University of Zagreb.

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Traditional use of plants:
Artichoke has been used in Europe as a diuretic and choleretik since roman times. The traditional use of artichoke leaf refers to liver function. It has a choleretic effect (stimulates the production of bile), hepatoprotective, reduces cholesterol and diuretic action. In Germany, in paediatric therapy it is used for appetite disorder.*
Artichoka contains sescrecterpene lactones, phenolic acids, cynarin, bitter substances, flavonoids, inulin

Human studies have infringed carminative, spasmolytic and choleretic effects. The Federal Commission E mentions the choleter activity of artichoke and approves the artichoke leaf for dyspeptic difficulties. *

ESCOP indicates artichoke leaf in digestive difficulties (abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, feeling bloated, gases), hepatobiliary tract disorders and as an additional therapy (with a low-fat diet) mild to moderate hyperlipidemia.**

Contraindications for the application of artichoke leaves: allergy to artichokes or plants of the Asteraceae family, obstruction of bile ducts, and in case of gallstones it is necessary to consult a doctor.*

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**E/S/C/O/P Monographs, The Scientific Foundation for Herbal Medicinal Products, ISBN 1-901964-07-8 (ESCOP); ISBN 3-13-129421-3 (GSC); ISBN 1-58890-233-1 (TNY)

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