Wheey drops non-alcoholic extract 50ml

Soria Natural Fenugreek is a natural extract from the seeds of a plant biologically produced plant in a non-alcoholic solution – a mixture of vegetable glycerin and purified water. As it does not contain alcohol, it is also suitable for children, liver patients and others.

  • contributes to the proper formation of breast milk
  • contributes to the proper metabolism of fats in the blood (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • contributes to the proper regulation of blood glucose
  • supports proper digestion, contributes to weight loss

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J.M. 1 l = 338,00 €

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DOSING: Adults and children older than twelve years: 1 ml (25 drops) 3x a day diluted in water. For children between five and twelve years old: half the dose for adults.

WARNINGS: when using oral hypoglycaemics or insulin at the same time due to a possible synergy effect, regular blood glucose control is required!

Dietary supplement. It is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Do not use in case of plant allergy. Read the instruction in detail before use.

It does not contain dyes, preservatives or other additives.

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