Reduced price! Solgar Astaksantin 5mg, 30 kom.

Solgar Astaxanthin 5mg, 30 pcs.

It strengthens immunity because it increases the immune response even with small doses of antigens, when the organism does not normally react. It also increases the number of cells that excrete antibodies and shows strong antitumor action. It is recommended as a basic antioxidant formula throughout the year, especially during the period of increased sun exposure and for joint problems or with vision.

Solgar astastatin - xanthophyll, a carotenoid pigment from algae and fish, an excellent antioxidant whose unique formula allows stability in lipid and aquatic environments, and thus is best activated in the body.

Astaxanthin (from H. pluvialis)5 mg**

Size: 30 capsules

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