Hamapharm MiVita Beta Glucan capsules, 40x500mg

Mivita Beta Glucan 500 is a high-quality product that contains:

  • high dose of 500 mg Beta-1.3/1,6-D-glucan in one capsule
  • highly purified active component Beta-1,3/1,6-D-glucana
  • biologically most active Beta Glucan in which glucose is connected by 1.3 and 1.6
  • synergy effect of vitamin C and zinc is significant

Vitamin C Zinc also contributes to normal immune system function

It is recommended to take 1 to 3 capsules a day, best half an hour before eating.

  • It is recommended 1 capsule per day, half an hour before eating.
  • With increased needs, 2-3 capsules per day are recommended, half an hour before meals.

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The immune system is the system of organs that protect the organism. Immunity is the ability of the organism to defend itself against the attack of foreign microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), their chemical substances (toxins), as well as their own altered and worn cells. It is extremely important to maintain the normal function of the immune system because in this way we help the organism in its natural defenses.

Lifestyle and everyday habits can help the health of your immune system:

  • avoiding stress and effort
  • regular and quality nutrition
  • movement and stay in the fresh air reduce the possibleness of viruses, colds and flu
  • avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics

A healthy lifestyle with proper use of dietary supplements can contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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