Avene SunsiMed for very high sun protection 80ml

A medical product designed for sun-sensitive skin to prevent skin cancer (other than melanoma) and actinic keratose.

SunsiMed provides a solution completely adapted to the skin hypersensitive to the sun. Thanks to an exclusive photoprotectory complex from Pierre Fabre's research arm, SunsiMed if applied every day protects the skin from the sun's rays.
  • Photo-stable filter system for optimal protection against UVB - UVA rays.
  • Powerful antioxidant precopheril for enhanced cell protection.

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30,60 €

J.M. 1 l = 343,59 €

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  • Avène thermal spring water, known for its soothing and irritating properties.
  • It prevents the appearance of carcinogenic (except melanoma) and precancerous lesions in actican keratosis.
  • Prevents light-induced DNA lesions, prevents photoshooting of the skin.
  • Prevents oxidation stress caused by UVA-UVB by visible and infrared rays.
A clinical trial has proven that sunscreen medical product SunsiMed effectively protects against the emergence of uv-inducite DNA damage to skin cells under conditions equivalent to chronic skin exposure to sunlight.

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