Vital Plus Active Rapid Bronz Face Body Cream 200ml

Rapid BRONZ cream increases the biological availability of melanin, which stimulates the natural pigmentation process with increased natural skin protection. This prevents possible redness and sun irritation. As a result, it is faster, more intense and more even tan.

RAPID BRONZ prepares the skin for sun exposure and allows you to use a cream with a lower protection factor. In addition, we can be in the sun for a shorter time, and still achieve a faster and intense tan.

The cream is suitable for all skin types, especially light and sensitive. In addition, we recommend it to people who want to optimize the tan and keep it longer.

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The use of RAPID BRONCUS before sun exposure, to support the natural protection of the skin, triggers and accelerates tyrosinase. In this way, the process of melanogenesis is already initiated during sun exposure and the skin is naturally protected from the first exposures.

The use of RAPID BRONZ to promote natural skin protection is especially appropriate for people who are increasingly using creams with ever higher protective factors, as this will balance the natural mechanisms of skin protection from the sun.

It is also recommended to use people who are exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun throughout the year.

Usage:By applying RAPID BRONZA daily, the skin is naturally protected and tanned all year round, even at a time of year when sunlight is less. This makes it possible to naturally prevent redness and burns.

The cream should be applied in the morning and evening at least a week before sun exposure, to prepare the skin and encourage the natural process of protection.
Use the cream while sunbathing in combination with protective factors appropriate to your skin type.

200 ml

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