Melatonin Retard Pills for Restful and Uninterrupted Sleep

Melatonin Retard helps to shorten the time it takes to sink into sleep, but also effectively maintain the durability and quality of sleep. It helps with insomnia problems, sleep problems, premature awakening and waking up during the night, jet lag.

Clinically confirmed, the chronobiological formula with two-phase release is particularly suitable for people who have difficulty sleeping and maintaining sleep and who, after falling asleep, often be.

For whom? Melatonin Retard successfully regulates the circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness and effectively helps the body adapt to changes in sleep rhythm due to changes in time zones (jet lag) or working at night.

It does not cause habituation or drowsiness during the day.

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Melatonin Retard is an innovative, patented, chronobiological formulation of melatonin that mimics in the body the natural cycle of secretion and concentration of endogenous melatonin in the blood. Unlike other prolonged release pills, Melatonin Retard tablets are formulated in two layers: the outer layer of the tablet is released rapidly increasing the initial concentration of melatonin in the blood needed for easier sleeping, while its inner layer is released evenly for 6 hours just like endogenous melatonin, ensuring sleep without waking up. That is why Melatonin Retard helps to reduce the time it takes to sink into sleep, but also to effectively maintain the durability and quality of sleep.

Method of taking: One (1) mini tablet per day, 30 minutes before bedtime. It is recommended to take a tablet with plenty of water.

One (1) mini tablet contains Melatonin 1 mg.

Content: 30 mini tablets.

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