Dormira's Rapid spray sinks into restful sleep faster

Dormirin Rapid is a practical, fast-performing oral spray for faster sinking into restful sleep.

It contains melatonin, which contributes to reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and relieves the subjective feeling of jet laga.

It has a pleasant taste of mint that will allow freshness during the application itself, and as such is pleasant for oral application before going to sleep.

  • 70 precisely measured doses
  • At home after a "stressful" day or on the road
  • Doesn't make a habit of it

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12,50 €

More info

  • Contains melatonin to contribute to reducing the time it takes to sink into sleep
  • An effective ally in the fight with jet lag thanks to melatonin that contributes to alleviation of subjective jet lag sensation and regulation of sleep cycles
  • Natural ingredients for quality sleep without inducing habituation
  • 1 thrust of Dormirin spray contains 1 mg of melatonin

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