Dormira's Forte capsules, 10 pcs.

Dormirin FORTE contains natural ingredients – melatonin that reduces the time it takes to sink into sleep, zinc that contributes to melatonin synthesis, and valerian and lemon balm for restful sleep.

The original formula, in addition to melatonin, contains extracts of valerian root and lemon balm leaves, well-known natural ingredients that further soothe and allow for all-night restful sleep. Dormirin is produced in Croatia according to the highest quality standards, and thanks to carefully selected ingredients that do not cause getting used to it, it allows to improve the quality of sleep.

The recommended daily dose of Dormirin FORTE consists of 1 capsule per day taken half an hour before bedtime.

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Dormirin FORTE in one capsule contains:

dry lemon balm leaf extract 50 mg

dry root extract of 50 mg

zinc as zinc gluconate 10 mg (100%RDA*)

melatonin 1 mg

*RDA – recommended daily intake

  • Original formula with melatonin, valerian root extracts and lemon balm leaf designed by Croatian experts
  • Contains melatonin to contribute to reducing the time it takes to sink into sleep
  • An effective ally in the fight with jet lag thanks to melatonin that contributes to alleviation of subjective jet lag sensation and regulation of sleep cycles
  • Natural ingredients for quality sleep without inducing habituation

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