Immunoglukan P4H Junior Syrup 250ml

A liquid dietary supplement containing Immunogluan and Vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Immunoglucan P4H junior contains
natural bioactive polysaccharide Immunoglucan® (beta-(1,3/1,6)-D-glucan) and vitamin C.

Practical examples of the use of Immunoglukan P4H®:

    • When we are more prone to respiratory infections
    • At the time of increased occurrence of infections (season, higher number of patients in our environment)
    • When enrolling a child in kindergarten or school
    • When infections cyclically occur to us, which may indicate weakened immunity
    • Increased physical or psychological load (less sleep, irregular diet, hard work, intensive sports)

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Since the body's propensity for infections is greater when we are tired and exhausted, taking vitamin C is recommended both preventively and at the time of infection.

Children can take 1 ml of fluid/5 kg of body weight once a day for 2 to 4 weeks. For increased needs, we recommend that you take a double dose for at least the first three days. A dosing cup is included. Immunoglukan P4H can be taken continuously for 6 months. Take the liquid on an empty stomach in the morning or evening before bedtime. Shake the vial well before use.

Warning: Immunogluxan P4H should not be used by transplant patients. Patients undergoing immunosuppressant therapy may only take Immunogluton P4H after consulting a doctor.

Children can take 1 ml of fluid/5 kg of body weight once a day for 2 to 4 weeks.Increased Daily
Body WeightDaily DoseDose
10 kg2 ml4 ml
15 kg3 ml6 ml
20 kg4 ml8 ml
25 kg5 ml10 ml
30 kg6 ml12 ml

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