Native propolis capsules to boost immunity

NATIVE PROPOLIS is a completely natural preparation without chemical treatment, in the original form created by plants and by bees. A powerful natural innononoous antioxidant to boost immunity.

NATIVE PROPOLIS contains pure Croatian propolis with all active substances and bee flower powder from the Dalmatian plant bušinac (Cistus sp.).

It can be used in larger doses without any adverse effects, as it is not obtained by chemical processing. Such a unique preparation has completely new healing properties that have not been known until now. A similar product does not exist on the market.

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Propolis solutions do not contain all the active substances found in the original raw material of propolis, since there is no solvent that can completely dissolve it.

NATIVE PROPOLIS strongly raises the immune system and helps the body to maintain health balance and thus help prevent the onset of the disease. That is why it is used for reduced resistance of the organism due to a decline in immunity, during colds and flu, chronic diseases, impaired fitness and in the stage of recovery after the disease.

PROPOLIS DOSING: Preventively, it is taken once or twice two capsules a day half an hour before meals. In acute conditions, the dose can be increased to 3x3 capsules, and in the most severe diseases up to 3x5 capsules per day, with the advice of your doctor.

Athletes in the intensive training and competition phase can take 2x3 capsules, and in case of injuries from 3x3 to 3x5 capsules per day.

NOTE: People allergic to bee products should not use it.

CONTENTS: 1 cellulose capsule contains approximately 270 mg of pure propolis and approximately 130 mg of bee flower powder from the Dalmatian bušinac plant (Cistus sp.).

PACKAGING: The bottle contains 60 capsules.

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