Flavin 7 Gold Liquid Dietary Supplement 200ml

FLAVIN 7 is an extremely rich, non-alcoholic source of bioflavonoids, these "super antioxidants". In maximum usable liquid form it brings bioflavonoids from 7 types of fruits: grapes, blackberries, thorns, plums, wild cherries, blackcurrants, elderberries. All fruits for the production of Flavin 7 are exclusively organic eco-growing. The amount of flavonoids in 1 teaspoon of Flavin 7 corresponds to the amount of 3.5 kg of fresh fruit.

Bioflavonoids provide the greatest benefit precisely to those organs that are most endangered by the effects of toxins and free radicals: the heart, circulatory and digestive systems. Preserving lipids and LDL cholesterol from oxidation, preserve the flexibility of blood vessel walls, vitality of cell membranes, help prevent the formation of blood clots (thrombus), protect against atherosclerosis.

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Flavin 7 Gold is a very powerful stabilized polyphenonic concentrate from Europe (Hungary) that can help many patients suffering from chronic diseases, although each of us can benefit greatly from the inclusion of bioflavonoids in the daily diet.
  • Chemotherapy patients: * Flavin 7 Gold helps to replenish platelets and increase the development of white blood cells.* Flavin 7 Gold has also been observed to reduce side effects of chemotherapy such as: lack of energy and poor appetite, depression, pain and risk of cardiac toxicity during treatment; 20 - 25 ml per day (4 - 5 x 5 ml).
  • Cancer patients: * In clinical studies done on patients with malignant diseases, 40% of them showed significant clinical remission, and the other 30% stabilized the existing condition by taking Flavin 7; 20 - 25 ml per day (4 - 5 x 5 ml)
  • Cardiovascular disease sufferers: * In clinical trials, doctors confirmed that 68% of cardiovascular disease patients showed significant progress, and another 6% also had positive progress with Flavin 7 Gold. * Bioflavonoids also have the ability to improve cuirculation by strengthening capillaries and reducing platelet gluing; 15 - 20 ml per day (3 - 4 x 5 ml)
  • Diabetics: * Flavin 7 Gold with its high concentration of bioflavonoids is observed to lower serum glucose levels. * Flavin 7 Gold also helps diabetics reduce leg pain associated with obstructive vascular disease; 15 - 20 ml per day (3 - 4 x 5 ml)
  • Patients suffering from allergies: * Bioflavonoids are known for their ability to reduce allergy symptoms. Flavin 7 Gold naturally contains a well-known quercetin. 15 ml per day; (3 x 5 ml)
  • Prevention: (Flavin 7 Gold as an antioxidant) - in case of stress and exposure to a polluted environment. * During the "in vitro" study, the antioxidant effect of Flavin 7 Gold showed great ability to significantly reduce free radicals; 5 - 10 ml per day (1 - 2 x 5 ml)

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