Thyromaxx capsules for normal thyroid function, 50 pcs.

Thyromaxx is a dietary supplement designed as a nutritional support for normal thyroid function. Thyromaxx is a combination of ten important and specific nutrients that, in a balanced formula of synergistic action, contribute to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and metabolism.

How to identify problems? If the thyroid gland is not able to produce thyroid hormones as much as the body needs, it is reflected in various body systems and leads to a number of unpleasant symptoms such as: weight change, fatigue, mood, anxiety, insomnia, brittle nails, sleep problems, decreased libido, poor concentration, hair loss, constipation, etc.

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The cause of poorer thyroid functioning can be, among other things, chronic or intense stress, long-term or restrictive diets and lack of important nutrients.

Why is the thyroid important?
The thyroid gland is a small gland of great significance. The main endocrine gland is responsible for controlling metabolism and regulating body weight, and hormones produced by the thyroid gland – thyroxine and trijodyronin – affect many systems in our body and are necessary for their proper action. Thyroid hormones regulate the production of body energy, and therefore maintain body temperature, affect the work of all muscles, growth and regeneration of the bone, but are also important for mental function and mood, sleep, health and appearance of the skin and hair, peristalsis of the intestines and for a number of other physiological processes.

L-tyrosine, gugula resin extract, Irish moss extract, zinc acetate dihydrate, L-ascorbic acid, L-selenomethionine, anti-clotting substance: magnesium stearate herbal, pyridoxine-hydrochloride, riboflavin, nicotinamide, cyanocobalamine, cellulose capsule, dye: red iron oxide.

Instructions for use: 1 - 2 capsules per day with a meal, as needed.
People taking the medicines should consult a doctor before taking it. It is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.
Quantity: 50 vegetal capsules

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