Pernaton Joint Gel, 125ml

Pernaton gel with pure green-ouse shell extract that has an extremely beneficial effect on cartilage and joints.

Intended for athletes , recreational athletes and anyonesuffering from joint and muscle pain , Pernaton gel cools and soothes when applied , then heats the application site and creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. hladi i umiruje The gel formula is specially designed and enriched with highly valuable glycosamineoglycans from the green-shaped shell (Feather Canaliculus), essential oils and menthol.

The gel is massaged repeatedly throughout the day into a painful area of the joints, shoulders, arms, elbow, knees, legs and back. With a pleasant and mild smell,it is easily absorbed into the skin due to its insuffable formula and is ideal for muscle massage before and after the activity. Glycosamineoglycans, important for the preservation of cartilage and joints, pass through the skin into the blood, reach articular cartilage and connective tissue where they increase the possibility of regeneration of these tissues.

11,25 €

J.M. 1 l = 90,00 €

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