Aktiv gel helps alleviate fatigue and sleuthing, cooling and skin care

Aktiv gel helps alleviate fatigue and sleuthing, for cooling and skin care. Stimulates and improves blood circulation, restores a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation in the legs, reduces joint pain in sprain and contusions.

  • Massage of the skin with essential oils (mint, eucalyptus and mint oil) stimulates blood circulation of the skin
  • Moisture regulator, prevents skin from drying out
  • Great against varicose veins (for veins)
  • Regular use of the gel prevents wounds from forming in supine patients
  • Relieves pain in sprain and joint contusions
  • Easy to apply & does not grease skin
  • It does not contain preservatives.

6,50 €

J.M. 1 l = 26,00 €

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