Encian Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm), 700ml

Centuries-old painkiller and rheumalism balm.

Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm) is a traditional herbal balm produced in Croatia whose ingredients will have a beneficial effect on your muslulature and bones.

- helps to eliminate pain due to rheumasa, fatigue, injuries and swelling
- relaxes muscles and tendons
- reduces night cramps in the leaves
- has a beneficial effect on veins and capillaries, edemics and bruises
- gently cools the skin and provides a feeling of relief
- stimulates circulation
- suitable for massage

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Muscle, bone and joint pain is not only complained about by the elderly, but also by more and more younger people. Ennoble your home pharmacy with a very useful Pferdebalsam whose natural ingredients will ease your daily health problems.

Overview of the most important ingredients and their action:
Arnika (Arnica cordifolia) – analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, stimulates circulation, provides instant relief in muscle pain. It is traditionally used for swelling, haematomas, bruises, dislocation, varicose veins, rheumatic pain and arthritis.
Camphor (Camphora racemica) - locally used to relieve muscle and joint pain. It acts on thermooreceptors and gives a cooling sensation, and due to its slight anesthetic effect on nerve endings for pain it acts locally anesthetic.
Allantoin- a natural remedy that restores and protects the skin
Menthol – has the property of evaporation from the surface of the skin, and also has an anesthetic to a painful place, which reduces the feeling of pain and pleasantly cools the skin so that it relieves the island of overheated inflamed place.
Horse chestnut – stimulates circulation, has a beneficial effect on veins and capillaries.

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