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BronchoMax cough syrup, 125ml

BronchoMax is a cough syrup containing a unique combination of 3 active components: thyme, muzzle and marshmallow. It is recommended for both dry and productive cough due to its specific double action:

Expectorate - dilutes the accumulated secretion and allows it to be easier to expect. Thyme has a secretolytic and spasmolytic effect, dilutes mucus, relaxes the muscles of the bronchi and facilitates coughing. The mug also has a strong secretolytic effect and is recommended for patients who have chronic bronchitis, a strong and persistent cough.

Antitussitic - soothes the stimulus to cough. Marshmallow is rich in mucus that soothes and coats irritated mucous membranes and reduces the stimulus to cough.

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BronhoMax is recommended for children from 4 years of age and adults. It has a mild taste with a strawberry aroma.

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