Isla Medic HYDRO+ Lozens for sore throat

When dissolving the pastyl isla® medic hydro+ in the mouth, the hydrogel complex is associated with hyaluronic acid and a special herbal extract from icelandic libe. Thus, a hydrogel is formed, which adheres tightly to the mucous membrane and coats the inflamed parts of the mucous membranes forming a protective layer that effectively moisturizes them. In addition, Optaflow technology stimulates saliva secretion and ensures wetting of irritated oral mucosa and pharynx.

It is recommended for patients who have the following problems:
  • sore throat and painful ingestion
  • cold-related problems
  • problems related to strained vocal cords

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7,00 €

J.M. 1 kom. = 0,35 €

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Composition: isla® medic hydro+ lozens contain icelandic liqueud aqueous extract (0.4-0.8:1); carbomer, xanthan gum, sodium hyaluronate. Other ingredients: Arabian gum, sorbitol, maltitol, anhydrated citric acid, acesulfame K, levomentol, mint oil, star anise oil, bitter fennel oil, aroma, medium-chain triglycerides, purified water.

1 pastye contains a substitute sweetener sorbitol (0.11 g) and maltitol (0.94 g) = 0.09 BU. Packaging

Contains: 20 pastils.

Application: for children from the age of 6. Up to 6 pastils a day.

Also suitable for a vegan diet. No sugar.

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