Specchiasol Ferzym Junior, 10x8ml

Ferzym Junior is a product intended for infant children, children and adolescents.

It is a natural aid for digestion disorders at the earliest age (cramps in infants), constipation or soft stools, intestinal inflammations and infections, after taking antibiotics, in cases of disturbed digestion due to improper nutrition or altered diet, in case of lack of appetite, milk intolerance (lactose) and for proper and healthy digestion of children and adolescents.

The natural balance of the gut microflora is of utmost importance for the process of digesting food, as well as for general health and vitality.

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15,79 €

J.M. 1 kom. = 1,57 €

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Application method: One bottle a day. Turn the stopper to the end clockwise so that the powder contained in the stopper is mixed with the liquid in the vial. Shake the resulting content well and then drink unadultegated or diluted in water, tea or juice.

10 8 ml bottles.

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