BioGaia Baby drops for children 5 ml

BioGaia drops are an easy, safe and pleasant way to supplement the intestinal flora with live active bacteria. BioGaia drops make it easy to maintain your child's healthy intestinal balance. Since you can add them to food or drink or give them away on a teaspoon, they are perfect for newborns and young children – in fact for anyone who can't take the pills.

BioGaia drops contain the living active bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri (L.reuteri) Protectis scattered in oil. This soy was first isolated from breast milk that contained no toxins – and now we replicate it in our laboratories to the highest standards. Just five drops a day provides the recommended daily dose of 100 million active L. reuteri Protectis bacteria that are good for health.

Quantity to apply: Five drops, 25 applications per 5 ml bottle.
Quantity per application: Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis, 100 million cells of live active bacteria.

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BioGaia drops:

  • The first drops with live active bacteria, completely natural – come from breast milk in which there are no toxins. They are clinically proven to complement your intestinal flora – and your child's intestinal flora.

  • Resistant to the most common antibiotics (also effective in antibiotic treatment). Resistant to stomach acid (no capsule is needed to protect against stomach acid and bile salts).

  • Completely safe for children from the first day of life. Neutral taste. They can be taken on a spoon or mixed with food.

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