Antimethyl anti-nausea pills and stomach discomfort, 30 pcs.

Who are antimethyl tablets intended for? People suffering from discomfort in the stomach and nausea of different etiology.

Antimethyl tablets effectively reduce the feeling of discomfort caused by nausea and vomiting when travelling, in children over three years of age and adults. They are also suitable for pregnant women from the first month of pregnancy. The use of Antimethyle is safe because it does not cause drowsiness and disruption of motor skills.

Antimethyl coated tablets are small and smooth and easy to swallow. Each tablet contains 50mg of standardised dry ginger extract, equivalent to 500mg of ginger powder.

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FOR A LIGHTER STOMACH - Ginger in the product Antimethyl effectively and safely reduces discomfort caused by nausea and vomiting during travel, morning sickness in pregnant women and contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

REDUCES THE FEELING OF INCONVENIENCE WHEN TRAVELING - When you hit the road, whether by car, boat or plane, count on Antimetil!

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