Yasenka 0+ baby fat, 150ml

Children's ointment is made according to the pharmacy recipe (ingredients: Petrolatum, Aqua, Lanolin).

It is used for daily care and protection of gentle children's skin in the diaper area. Protects the skin of newborns and young children from the formation of redness, irritation and rashes.

Unlike adult skin, the skin of a small child is more sensitive because it is not fully anatomically and functionally developed, it is gentler, has thinner subcutaneous tissue and lower lipid and water content. For these reasons, it is more susceptible to infections, influences of sunlight and changes in the mechanism of thermoregulation. Therefore, proper skin care from birth is very important to enable its healthy development.

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Diaper rash (Dermatitis perianalis) occurs in about 7% of newborns that are on the chest, or in a higher percentage in children on artificial nutrition. It manifests itself as a very reddening of the perianal region, most often in the first week of life. Diaper region is a very sensitive area that is exposed to the action of various adverse factors (heat, humidity, shortness of breath in impermeable diapers, constant rubbing, the action of urine and stools, inadequate detergents, softeners, soaps and other means of washing and care) that then negatively affect the skin of the child. Any change in the skin caused by the action of one or more unfavorable factors will manifest itself with redness, a bright-spots rash on the buttocks, genitalia, lower abdomen or fatted skin covered with pus pimples.

The rash can appear at any time and without any particular reason because some children may be more prone to it due to naturally sensitive skin. It is most often caused by contact irritation or skin local infection due to the reproduction of bacteria and fungi, which occurs due to irregular change of diapers, inadequate cleansing of the skin from stools or urine, diarrhea, taking antibiotics, due to the use of some detergents, softeners or disposable diapers.

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