Bepanthen ointment 30g

With redness and irritated skin of the baby's buttocks. In the care of breastfeeding breast warts.

The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive, so it needs special care. Diapers irritate the skin that turns red and irritated, which creates discomfort for the baby. Mothers who are breast-feeding, on the nipples of the breasts often open sores that sting and hurt. As babies have a very pronounced sucking reflex, redness and inflammation occur on the skin around the nipples, and the nipples turn red and cracked. Small cracks can also occur that cause pain and burning sensation.

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Bepanthen ointment effectively prevents diaper inflammation, i.e. diaper rash. On the already inflamed skin Bepanthen ointment will gently and reliably cure diaper rash. For the care and protection of painful and cracked nipples, it is recommended to use Bepanthen® fat. Ointment promotes the rapid healing of damaged nipple skin, and with the help of fat creates a transparent protective layer on the skin, which, among other things, prevents pain caused by rubbing the skin against clothes.

For the quickest and more satisfied smile of the baby.

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