Lycprost MF capsules contribute to prostate health

It contains phytosteroles from nettle root extract that reduce the swelling of the prostate, and tannins bind proteins and prevent inflammation. It is enriched with a beneficial effect of lycopene from tomatoes and parsley that facilitate the exocratic.

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Lycoprost MF contains extracts of plants that have been known and confirmed as large treasuries of antioxidants since ancient times, complemented by the strongest allies of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean factor consists of four autochthonous Mediterranean plants that stimulate natural balance and strengthen the body.
  • Nettle root Problems with prostate enlargement can be successfully alleviated by applying preparations from various plant species, among which nettle occupies a significant place.
  • Lycopene from tomatoes Tomato fruits contain a high proportion of carotenoids, plant pigments from which the characteristic red color originates, and among which lycopene is one of the most significant.
  • Lyophilized parsley Miristicin and apiol, two active components that are present in lyophilized parsley increase the flow of urine, and helps to eliminate urinary tract infections.

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