pharmas Diara's ORS bags, 10 pcs.

For dietary nutrition of patients with mild to medium-strong acute diarrhea. To strengthen the body's resistance and to rehydrate, compensate for electrolytes and restore intestinal microflora.

Mix one bag of powder into 250 ml boiled and at room temperature of cooled water and drink in smaller sips. To improve taste, the prepared solution can be sweetened with a small amount of fruit juice.

Another option is to mix the powder into yogurt or porridge (room temperature) and drink plenty of liquid after a meal.

Adults and children older than 1 year: 2 bags per day.

Children up to 1 year: 1 bag per day.

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Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients in one bag, Diarino ORS enables easier and faster elimination of diarrhoea problems and electrolyte reimbursement.

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