Novalac Prenatal capsules 30 pcs.

Novalac prenatal capsules are the latest generation product that is suitable for women at the time of pregnancy planning and pregnant and nursing women.

The novalac prenatal capsules in one capsule join the active form of folic acid Quatrefolic®, ha-fe high absorbent iron and omega-3 long-chain fatty acids DHA.

It is recommended to start taking Novalac prenatal capsules already at the stage of pregnancy planning (at least 3 months before conception) and continue throughout the pregnancy and until the end of breastfeeding.

The recommended daily dose is 1 capsule per day during meals. Swallow the capsule whole, with a glass of water.

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Novalac prenatal capsules are the product of the latest generation by which women of childbearing potential compensate for increased nutrient needs. They are specially based and developed in cooperation with experts and current world health guidelines and dietary recommendations.
Pregnancy is one of the most demanding periods in women. Due to the growth and development of the new being, the need for some nutrients increases by as much as 50-100 %,cells divide faster and organs develop, therefore the proper supply of nutrients is very important. Experts advise a balanced and varied diet and the addition of at least the most important nutrients: folic acid, iron and omega-3 fatty acids.
They also contain other key nutrients that a woman needs at the time of pregnancy planning and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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