FemiSan A herbal drops to reduce menstrual problems 30ml

Contributes to reducing menstrual problems, before and after the menstrual cycle!

Drops have a strong antibacterial effect, have a beneficial effect on the vaginal flora, the virak found in the drops has an antivirsuna effect.

Liquid dietary supplement based on carefully selected medicinal herbs,without adding artificial substances, dyes and hormones.

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Ingredients: herbe meadow vrkute extract, herbe stolisnik extract, calendula flower extract, herbe needle extract, dvornik leaf extract, parsley leaf extract.

To use:
Pour one servir dose (30kapi/0.75g) into a glass of water and drink two to four times a day before eating. It is recommended to use drops of 2-8 months, with two-week breaks after every 2 months. With painful menstruation drops drink 3-5 days before the cycle and during the cycle, 3 times a day for 20 drops.

Drops can also be used preventively 1-2 times a day for 20 drops.

It is successfully used in different types of cysts on the ovaries, including endometriotic cysts and polycystic ovaries. With their mild phytoestrogenic action, they stop the growth of myomas and gradually affect their reduction, while the presence of tannins and achilles makes them suitable for prolonged and abundant cycles. Due to their antiinflammatory action, they act to calm acute and chronic inflammation of the ovaries and in increased secretions.

The main ingredient of Femisan A herbal drops is herbe meadow vrkuta extract, also known as the virak, Our Lady's cloak or God's sheet, which thanks to its action successfully uses for women's difficulties related to menstrual problems where it positively affects the regulation of irregular menstruation, balances the balance of hormones and especially works with excessive bleeding and painful periods.

Femisan A are completely natural drops without any undesirable effects. These drops balance the functions in the body. Natural ingredients make Femisan A herbal drops suitable for use in girls at the beginning of puberty, as well as in women at all ages.

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