Cardiology Stethoscope Riester CARDIOPHON 2.0

Specially developed for cardiology, cardiophon 2.0 is Riester's masterpiece!

Cardiophon 2.0 has much better acoustics than the previous model and sets a new standard for cardiology stethoscopes. It stands out in the frequency range between 200-500 Hz, which is especially important for the aususulation of heart sounds. Cardiophon 2.0 is suitable for the ausculation of adults and children.

High-profile stethoscope head made of stainless steel.

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213,02 €

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Bilateral special membrane for precision acoustics, Ø 44 mm and 32 mm, with new rings that adhere better to the patient's skin.

Extra-soft ear part that perfectly adheres to the ear canal and is comfortable when using a stethoscope. Y-hose with ducts inside the intestine, especially for the left and right ear, ensuring good audivity.

CARDIOPHON 2.0 comes with a spare pair of shings, a spare membrane and a name tag.

Total length: 71 cm. Weight:204 g. Latex-free.

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