OMRON RS2 wrist pressure gauter

The new OMRON rs2 wrist pressure gauter model is easy to use, portable and precise! Fully automatic digital pressure gauge for the wrist, simple and precise guarantees precise and comfortable pressure measurement.

The new product design for as comfortable a measurement as possible, checks the proper wrapping of the cuff and detects irregular heart rhythm.
  • Intellisense technology - measuring without unnecessarily inflating the cuff
  • Guide to properly wrapping a cuff
  • Irregular heart rhythm detector
  • Hypertension Indicator
  • 2 users x 30 memory
Warranty: 5 years.

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Who is the wrist pressure gauter for? Wrist pressure gaiter is recommended for people of middle and younger age or as a second blood pressure gaiter for people of older age.

For elderly people with hypertension, a better option is a pressure gauter for the upper arm. The wrist pressure gamut is very easy to transfer and therefore great for busy people and people who travel frequently and want to always have control over their blood pressure. Omron is a Japanese manufacturer and a world-leading manufacturer of digital pressure gauths. Omron blood pressure gauges are used on all public health actions of measuring blood pressure and recommended by the Croatian Hypertension Society.

ModelRS2 (disambiguRS4 (disambiguRS7 Intelli IT
Sensor for correctly setting the pressure gauter 
OMRON Connect  
Beshuman work  
Intellisense technology
Guide to properly wrapping a cuff
Irregular heart rhythm detector
Detection of morning hypertension 
Hypertension Indicator 
Clinically validated for general population
Clinically validated for the obese population  
Cuff size13.5 - 21.5 cm13.5 - 21.5 cm13.5 - 21.5 cm
Memory2 users x 302 users x 602 users x 100

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