Supradyn Vital 50+ tablets 30 pcs.

Enhances vitality and ensures healthy energy levels!

Supradyn 50+ works by increasing the flow of oxygen in the body. Therefore, it also has a positive effect on mental activity. It helps to release energy, which is necessary for a sense of vitality and an active life.

Supradyn Vital 50+ contains a unique formulation of vitamins, minerals and ginseng.
It is produced specifically for people over 50 years of age, for the purpose of improving the metabolic processes of the organism and brain and activating the energy of each cell of the organism.

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Supradyn 50 + strengthens natural vitality, increases energy and positively affects people over 50 years of age and their overall betterment.

Its unique combination of vitamins and minerals works by naturally activating the energy of every cell in the body.

It is assisted by the natural ingredient ginseng. This traditional drug stimulates blood flow and oxygen supply in the body and in the brain, even while resting. The process begins when ginseng encourages the formation of an extremely important molecule in our body, which relaxes the muscle walls of blood vessels and helps to expand blood vessels and improve blood flow. Supradyn 50+ improves blood circulation, which contributes to increased oxygen levels in the blood and increased energy production.

Ginseng stimulates the flow of oxygen in the blood and helps its effectiveness. In addition to helping oxygen reach the place in the body where it is needed, ginseng affects good circulation, which warms our organism. This helps us preserve a stable internal balance (homeostasis).

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