Robi Comb PRO Electric Ear Comb

Robi Comb PRO is a patented electric comb for detecting and killing lice in the hair.

Robi Comb kills lice when combing when contacting them. Especially adjusted voltage that children do not feel and is not dangerous the estuate is killed and removed from the hair.

Robi Comb Pro is an electric comb for every family and for more demanding users such as multi-member families, different homes, kindergartens and similar institutions.

It stands out for the possibility of easy disassembly and easy cleaning of the metal comb and for the fact that it can kill up to several ears in one stroke!

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Why is Robbie Comb PRO better and incomparable to any other treatments?

  • Robi Comb PRO detects lice: Robi Comb PRO can be used to determine very quickly and in a non-aggressive way whether a child has brought an ash in their hair. When combing with a beep, Robi Comb informs you whether it detects lice or whether the child or person is infected. That is why a lot of kindergartens use an electric comb.
  • Robi Comb PRO kills lice quickly and easily: Using Robi Comb PRO is very easy because with it you just comb a couple of minutes in the morning and evening and that's it. It is incomparable to the use of potentially dangerous and poisonous shampoos in which the whole procedure is much longer and for the child more etier and unpleasant. Robi Comb PRO is a way to get rid of infection painlessly and efficiently or prevent a new one.
  • Robi Comb PRO kills lice without poison (pesticides): Toxic shampoos are a very common way of killing lice. These products are made most often on the basis of poisonous insecticides.
  • Robi Comb PRO is used on dry hair: Due to the fact that the comb is used on dry hair, the whole procedure is much simpler and less torturous. NO worries about protecting the eyes or face, NO waiting for the agent to take effect, NO wearing different gels in your hair, NO clutter and no unpleasant odors.
  • Shampoos DO NOT KILL lice that have become resistant: Scientific research, as well as reports from schools and from the parents' own, show that some lice have become resistant to shampoos currently used to kill them. Robi Comb PRO is a safe alternative. Because of the way the sh. works, the sh. can't become a waste on Robbie Comb PRO.

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