Silverex Ultra Fine Toothbrush

Silverex innovative toothbrushes with silver are specially designed for detailed cleaning and polishing of teeth without irritating gums.

The cleverly designed Silverex toothbrush uses a unique double fibre system that reaches hard-to-reach places, imitating dental floss. It also cleans the remnants of food that cause tooth decay and gingivitis, polishing the entire surface of the tooth, making the teeth whiter and shinier in a safe way without the risk of injury to the gums.

Suitable for people with sensitive gums and paradentosis and people using an orthodontic apparatus.

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The double fiber system cleans and removes plaque from the dental surface. Unlike regular brushes, unique double fibres have an increased ability to reach all areas of the tooth, including the strictest areas between the teeth.

Short fibers are adapted to remove stains, plaque, tart, food residues, cleaning and polishing the entire surface of the tooth, making the teeth whiter and shinier. Gentle and soft fibers gently and thoroughly clean the edge of the gums, without risk of injury and damage to the gums.


- brush your teeth at least twice a day, brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes
- regular doctor's visit
- for full efficiency, replace the brush after 3 months of use

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