Aftamed Junior Gel Tuba 15ml

Thanks to a special formulation, Aftamed adheres to the lesion (aftu), creates a watery film that protects and moisturizes the aphthae, thus providing instant relief. Hyaluronic acid from Aftamed speeds up the healing process and effectively acts as a prevention in the formation of new aphthae. Aftamed contains no alcohol, no sugar and is harmless if ingested.

It is recommended when the aphthae are localized in a visible and easily accessible place. It does not contain preservatives or artificial dyes. It tastes like chewing gum.

Dosage: Apply
2 to 3 times a day or more often if necessary, after a meal; for a week or until symptoms subside.

It is recommended not to consume food or drink for at least 30 minutes after administration.

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Useful tips: Eat foods rich in protein and vitamins. Drink plenty of water and nutritious liquids such as fruit syrups, especially apples, peaches and blackcurrants. Cold food and drinks can provide relief: ice cream, yogurt and smoothies are especially suitable. Cool your mouth with ice cubes or pieces of fresh pineapple.
Avoid salty and spicy foods. Avoid heavy foods such as crackers, fried slices of bread, chips, raw vegetables, etc. Brush your teeth after each meal.

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