Medex gelee royale 1,000mg Super ampoule 16x9ml

For greater psychophysical strength of the organism.

Ingredients in recommended daily amount (1 ampoule 9 ml) = fresh royal jelly 1,000 mg + vitamin D 15 μg.

Gelee Royale Super ampoules preserve the complex natural composition of royal jelly and are easy to use. One vial contains 1000 mg of royal jelly, with the addition of vitamin D. Vitamin D participates in the functioning of the immune system and is also called the "solar" vitamin. It is one of the few vitamins that our body can only produce, and especially in the autumn and winter months, when we are significantly less exposed to the sun.

Children over 3 years of age and adults take 1 ampoule a day during breakfast.

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21,25 €

J.M. 1 kom. = 1,32 €

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It is recommended to dilute the contents in a glass of water or fruit juice. It is possible to apply the product several times a year especially at the turn of the seasons. Standing can form a grout that disappears by the sleuthing of the ampoule.

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