Radošević Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the secretion of special glands (hypopharyngeal and mandibular) bees. It is produced by young worker bees and is fed and raised by new queens in the hive. Royal jelly is collected during the May and June months.

Royal jelly is recommended for allergies of all types of causative agents, thyroid disorders and general hormonal imbalance, stronger impaired immunity, frequent occurrence of herpes and tendency to influenza, hooting and colds, as well as the prevention of viruses and for better blood count and regulation of blood pressure.

Royal jelly is especially recommended for female problems and anemia and couples trying to get pregnant.

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CONSUMPTION AND USE OF FRESH ROYAL JELLY: Royal jelly is properly consumed orally in fresh form. Oral use implies the introduction of jelly using a wooden, glass or plastic teaspoon into the mouth, more precisely under the tongue in the amount of one gram, which roughly corresponds to the size of one corn kernel or pea berry. Royal jelly lingers under the tongue for up to 5 minutes, until it is melted and partially absorbed, allowing the organism to extract the maximum from it. Royal jelly is a natural substance and as such, except in rare cases of hypersensitivity to it, it does not cause undesirable side effects in the body. What is the correct daily and monthly dose depends on the organism to the body. Anyone who decides to consume royal jelly must listen to their organism.

younger children it is recommended to take 30 grams per month. 1 gram a day at least twice. After a month of taking, at least as much break time. - In people who are expected to concentrate highly, who perform demanding and precise tasks, 60 grams per month are recommended. Twice a day for 1 gram over a period of one month, after which just as many breaks.

In adults who want a so-called preventative course to strengthen natural resistance and maintain fitness, 60 -120 grams per month are recommended. 2-4 grams per day at least twice. All of the above quantities and periods of taking royal jelly can be repeated up to 3 times a year. Ideally it would be every four months, and at least one time a year in the autumn period. The amount, time and length of taking depends on the constitution of the organism and the eating habits of the individual. If certain physical disorders occur by taking royal jelly, it is not recommended to take it at all costs.

Women who cannot become pregnant are recommended 160 grams of royal jelly per month. 5-6 grams per day in two to three times and so for three months in a row, after which at least a month's break should be made, that is, after which in most cases there will be no more need to take it. The same dose is recommended for a male partner for a period of at least one month.

In people with cancer, 160-200 grams of royal jelly are recommended per month in two or three times, but for a longer period of 6 months to a year without a break.

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