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Vitarojal Junior DUO Royal Jelly Ampoule 300mg


Vitarojal Junior 300 mg contains royal jelly, which is a natural biostimulator of the organism.
Each ampoule contains 300 mg of royal jelly.

Each ampoule contains vitamin C and mineral zinc that contribute to the functioning of the immune system. Vitarojal Junior 300 mg has a pleasant taste on strawberry. The product can be used directly from the ampoule or it can be diluted in a glass of water or juice. It is recommended to strengthen the body especially in periods when colds, viruses and flu are most common.

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Royal jelly (gelee royale) is the most valuable and respected product of bees. It represents the secretion of special glands of young worker bees fed to the queen and young larvae up to three days of age. Royal jelly is directly responsible for the amazing fertility, vitality and longevity of the nut.

Net quantity 10 ampoules (=100 ml).

Instructions for use:

  • Children from 4-8 years

  • Children from 8-12 and adults

It is recommended to dilute the contents in a glass of water or fruit juice. It is possible to apply the product several times a year especially at the turn of the seasons. Standing can form a grout that disappears by the sleuthing of the ampoule.

Packaging: Ampoules.

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